What Research Says About Employees and Workplace Design, Part 1

What Research Says About Employees and Workplace Design, Part 1

How important is office design for the productivity and success of a given workplace? As it turns out, recent research tells us it’s extremely important.

At New Life Office, we offer a huge range of new office furniture, from office desks and cubicles to office chairs, conference tables and many other design elements. Earlier this year, Fortune 500 financial holding company Capital One performed its third consecutive annual survey of full-time office professionals, a study aimed at determining the roles office design and environment play in their workplace experience, productivity and overall well-being. In this two-part blog, we’ll look at some of the broad results of this survey, plus specific perks that the study revealed are important to employees across numerous industries.

Correlation Between Office Design and Workplace Success

For starters, the survey group indicated a strong connection between thoughtful office design and workplace success. Roughly 90 percent of all professionals agree that a well-designed space leads to better job performance, a clear indicator.

What kinds of design elements were listed as important? There were several: Flexibility was a big player here, with 71 percent of employees saying it’s important to have a flexible, changeable design in the office. An additional 73 percent say they perform better when they have access to items like alternative desks and other flexible furniture arrangements that allow them to change up their routine rather than sit in the same stagnant position for eight hours a day. In addition, natural light was mentioned as a top driver of success.

Mental Health Areas

Virtually all of those surveyed said it was important for companies to create programs and areas that support mental health and the overall well-being of their employees. Some of the areas that were identified as important here include:

  • Flexible work schedules (67 percent of respondents identified this area)
  • Natural light access (53 percent)
  • Quiet spaces (42 percent)

Another major area mentioned here: Break areas, which 89 percent of respondents say are a factor in their overall job performance. Having a dedicated space for breaks and relaxation appears extremely important in fostering a productive-but-healthy culture.

Changing Employee Preferences

Finally, as we alluded to above, the study revealed that adaptability and flexibility are big crux points for many employees. Employees don’t want to be boxed into a cookie-cutter office approach where every desk and cubicle is the exact same; rather, they want options. Over 75 percent say they perform better if collaboration spaces are available, while 88 percent say focused space is important to them.

For more on what recent research and study data says about how employees feel about great office design, or to learn about any of our office furniture options, speak to the staff at New Life Office today.

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