Recycling office cubicles is the cornerstone of our business. New Life Office is a company that has specialized in the remanufacturing of modular workstations in Boise, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas for over 20 years. We purchase surplus workstations/cubicle panels and revitalize them with brand new fabric, new paint, and finishes to look virtually new. New Life Office can also refurbish a business’ existing modular workstations thus generating an even greater cost and environmental savings.

    We scour the country for used office furniture and store it in one of our warehouse to wait for sanding and painting.
    In order for our product to look new, our preparation has to be perfect.
    After we prepare and perfect our items, they are painted to their desired color.
    Once we get the dimensions to the surfaces, we cut new desktops/surfaces and get them ready laminating.
    When we receive each wood surface we then carefully spray a strong adhesive to bond the top layer of melamine.
    Behind the scenes, while the other processes are in motion, the new fabric is placed over the newly refurbished cubicle panel frame. 
    New surfaces are completed and ready for transport.
    After production is completed each product is carefully loaded into a truck and hand delivered.
    Installation is probably the best part, we actually get to see our designs come together.

We are able to provide such savings by purchasing workstations from companies that are going out of business, downsizing, moving or just remodeling. Recycling these workstations saves land fill space and provides our customers with affordable, high quality furniture. Our refurbishing process is carried out with the same environmental consciousness. The three high pressure laminate manufacturers we use are all Greenguard certified, our Terratex line of fabric is made from 100% recycled materials and the paint we use is a low VOC, water reducible enamel.

At New Life Office, we are committed to being good stewards of the environment. As part of this commitment we are currently getting each of our project managers certified as LEED Accredited Professionals by the Green Building Certification Institute. This will ensure that as we work on projects throughout the U.S. we will have the knowledge and experience to help firms qualify their building projects easier and more efficiently. Just one more way of supporting the green movement that is so important to the sustainability of our planet.

Other recycling measures that we take are:

  • Office cubicle furniture supplies that are part of our surplus purchases are recycled for our use and the excess is donated to our neighboring businesses.
  • Newspaper and white office paper is taken to the recycling center.
  • We use only copy paper that is made from farmed eucalyptus trees and both the paper and it’s packaging are 100% recyclable.
  • Surplus modular components that we can’t use are first donated to non-profit organizations such as schools and service groups. The rest are taken to the recycling center. New Life Office recycles more than 15 tons of steel per year.
  • Old fabric removed from the used cubicles panels we purchase is used as packing material.
  • Printer cartridges are recycled, file folders and fax cover sheets are reused and misprints are used as scratch paper.