When you’re ready to get started with a new business venture, you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about things like your logo, your product or service, hiring the right people to work for you, and finding the right office location. What you may not have given much thought to yet is how you’re going to outfit that office location so those employees can provide your products and services to customers in the best possible way. Office furniture might not be the most exciting part of starting a new business, but it is a critical component of delivering on your promise to your clients. Here are some must-have items for your new office space.


Today’s office has changed, and chances are you won’t have dozens of individual offices where your employees will sit behind executive-style desks or in tiny cubicles with walls all around. Instead you will need a flexible workspace where you can quickly add new employees and new stations as you grow. Used office furniture is a great option for new startups because you can find an array of flexible options that will allow you to configure your office in the way that promotes creativity and productivity.


Chairs might seem like an afterthought, but this is where your employees will be spending the vast majority of their day, so they need to be comfortable and functional. The problem is that you probably don’t want to blow your entire office furniture budget on chairs alone—after all, you’ll need some desks, computers, phones, and other office essentials to go with those chairs and keep your employees busy. Buying used office chairs is the best way to strike a balance between wanting the best for your employees and wanting to save some money. You can get the best of all worlds: comfort, style, and great prices.


Another often-overlooked piece of equipment for your new office is the conference table. If you’ve ever shopped for office furniture before you know that finding affordable conference room furniture (short of buying a folding table and chairs) is a challenge. However, you need this furniture to provide your employees with a place to meet and collaborate with each other and with clients.


Another thing that many new offices overlook is the need for lighting at each workstation. You probably have overhead lighting, but even the brightest fluorescent lights might not provide your employees with enough light to get their work done. This is especially true if you have things like hutches or shelves that could block the light, making the actual desk space much darker. In that case your employees will need desktop or under-hutch lighting to avoid straining their eyes.


No matter what business you are in, you will always have a need for some space to store important documents. That’s where a proper filing cabinet and storage shelves can come in. These functional pieces might seem like a frivolous expense, but having a good filing and storage system in place from the start keeps all your critical documents, licenses, invoices, permits, and other essentials in an easy-to-access location.

No matter what your product or service, having a great work space can help you recruit and retain employees, foster creativity, and offer exceptional service to your customers. Check out the benefits of used office furniture to get the functional pieces you need without breaking the bank.

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