Below is our company’s current catalog of new office furniture. Click on an item to know more about the product’s features, specifications, and price. They can be found in our Salt Lake City, Boise, and Las Vegas locations. Location contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Equipped to Excel

Opening a new business is all about staying power and creating an environment for growth. In order for a company to succeed, it not only needs to generate revenue on a consistent basis, but also last long enough for the revenue to surpass the initial costs.

When designing an office, it is important to install office furniture that has the corresponding staying power

Repairs and replacements are avoidable financial setbacks. You can rely on our new office furniture to provide maximized value and longevity for your organization. Manufacturing only with the sturdiest and most stylish materials, New Life Office has designed each item below with the goal of effecting worthwhile long-term business investments. From cubicles to desks, conference tables to file cabinets, we offer complete workspace solutions to help you establish and maintain your new business.

From a Trusted Company

With numerous industry accolades received throughout our 25+ years in service, New Life Office stands as one of the most trusted office furniture companies in the country. We have solutions for any size work space, from a large office building to the home office and styles ranging from traditional, modern, contemporary, and industrial. We are adding new designs regularly as we’re always keeping up with current trends. Countless businesses in Salt Lake City, Boise, Las Vegas, and their neighboring areas can attest to our commitment to quality, regardless of whether a product is used, refurbished, or new. Quality office furniture is essential to any business, so we see to it that every new unit we ship brings maximum value for you and your employees. 

We have committed to this promise of quality and durability for over 25 years. We ensure that this commitment is something that our customers can count on year after year.

Make your office space an office that works — check out our showroom or discuss your preference with our designers today.