Preventing Office Furniture From “Going Bad”

Preventing Office Furniture From “Going Bad”

When talking about things “going bad,” the conversation is a bit different than usual in the realm of office furniture. Office furniture doesn’t spoil in the same way as food, for instance – it goes “bad” in very different ways.

At New Life Office, we can help explain these differing cycles to you as you browse our wide selection of new office furniture, from office chairs and seating elements to desks, cabinets and much more. Let’s go over what this kind of language means for office furniture, and how you can take initiative for both your employees and your clients when it comes to creating a great workplace.

Investing in the Business

Your clients are the foundation of your business no matter what field you’re in, and if they regularly come to your office space for meetings, consultations or any other reason, you want to look the part of a strong business. If a prospective client walks into an office space that transports them back into a mid-90s film with rows of boring, bland cubicles, chances are they won’t see you as the most forward-thinking company – and their spending decisions might reflect as much.

Instead, invest in your business by maintaining strong design and aesthetics. Not only are you showing respect for your employees and your space, you’re doing so to customers who enter the area as well. Subtle signs like this that show you’re invested in the future of your company will help convince clients you’ll do the same for them.

Employee Morale

As we mentioned above, clients and potential clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from upgraded furniture and designs. Employees view this kind of thing as a clear sign of whether they’re cared for and considered in terms of things like comfort and productivity. There’s significant research showing that employees who work in well-designed, well-lit and comfortable areas are happier and more productive than those forced to work in cramped or bland locations.

Technology Considerations

One of the ways certain pieces of office equipment might be “going bad” is if they’re falling behind the curve in terms of modern technology. Everything from larger items like televisions and audio devices to areas like lamps, keyboards, wiring and various others should be considered here – old, worn down equipment in any of these areas are signs to both clients and employees that you aren’t committed to the proper functioning of the business.

On the flip side, there are numerous desk models out there made to integrate with technology. Considering these kinds of things can boost both employee morale and productivity.


Another great reason to upgrade various furniture items in the office is to capitalize on our increased understanding of ergonomics. Studies have shown that a huge percentage of worker’s compensation claims in recent years can be traced to ergonomic issues in the workplace, so not only will prioritizing this for your employees make them feel valued and increase their productivity, it will have a major impact on your budget if it prevents claims from being filed.

For more on dealing with office furniture “going bad,” or to learn about any of our new office furniture products, speak to the pros at New Life Office today.

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