Material Options for Modern Office Desks

Material Options for Modern Office Desks

Within a workplace, employees require comfort and quality to remain productive. From office seating to layout and work areas, ensuring your office design and office furniture choices prioritize employee comfort and productivity is a vital task for any business owner or office manager.

At New Life Office, we’re here to help. One element within this realm that’s become more important across many offices and employee groups in recent years: Choosing the right material for new office desks. Today’s blog will go over a few different surface materials available for modern office desks, plus why you might consider each of these areas for your employees if you’re purchasing new desks in the near future.

Wood and Wood Laminate

The single most common surface material for office desks today is actually wood laminate, which refers to a wood core that then receives a plastic finish to protect it. Wood laminate brings the classic, professional look of natural wood plus durability and protection, plus is available in a huge range of patterns and styles.

It is still sometimes possible to locate wood-only desks, though we highly recommend considering some kind of protective film here. Wood is timeless and invokes impressions of professionalism.


For certain modern office spaces, managers or owners might take a leap and consider glass surface materials for many desks. Modern glass desks are highly durable, with no major concerns present regarding breaking or cracking due to present-day technology. They’re also available in several configurations and do very well for creative or multi-use projects.

Glass desks can also be framed or supported with wood, which touches off the aesthetic. Glass desks are available in smoky colors or can be tinted or frosted, often bringing a modern touch of elegance. If your office involves high-traffic or any areas of manufacturing, you might consider tempered glass for additional safety.


Metal materials are on the uptick for modern offices, particularly for desk surfaces. They are extremely durable, lasting decades if you desire, and modern customization capabilities allow you to purchase several different styles. Office managers or owners looking to maximize their return on investment when it comes to desk purchases can’t do much better than metal desks, which are relatively inexpensive but will require virtually no maintenance or replacement for years.

In addition, metal desks can be shaped into bespoke designs that bring a creative, artistic feel to the office. Different employees can have various shapes for their desks that help promote their own personal style, a factor that helps build employee buy-in within many workplaces.

For more on different office desk material options, or to learn about any of our office furniture solutions, speak to the staff at New Life Office today.

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