Productivity-Related Impact of Comfortable Office Seating

Productivity-Related Impact of Comfortable Office Seating

It’s never the first or even likely the tenth thing you think about when considering the characteristics of a workplace, but seated comfort absolutely should be a more common topic of conversation when designing your space. Office chairs are one of the most important pieces of office furniture – they can have a real impact on tangible areas like productivity.

At New Life Office, our huge selection of desk chairs, task chairs, receptionist seating options and many others is unmatched. For employees in your office, why are chairs such a big deal as they relate to employee workloads and their ability to be productive? Let’s find out.


Bad seating materials lead to bad posture, and this can create issues both within and outside of the workplace. Employees who come into work with lingering back or neck issues are already starting from a disadvantage, and if these issues are being exacerbated by bad chairs or furniture setups in the office, you as a manager run the risk of decreased productivity.

Sturdy, well-built chairs from New Life Office provide the support your bones need over long hours of sitting. In addition, reminding employees to take regular breaks where they stand up and change their posture, even temporarily, can have major benefits.


Comfort in the workplace isn’t just about a lack of physical pain – it’s about feeling at home and completely free to focus on the tasks at hand. This can include everything from the physical characteristics of the chair to the way it looks. Anything that helps employees feel confident and relaxed in the place where they spend most of their day is a positive, especially if it’s actively promoting health and good posture at the same time.


You won’t think about it much until something goes wrong, but the versatile nature of a good office chair goes a long way to allowing employees to optimize workflow. Little things like the ability to pivot or lock a chair in at a certain height seem standard, but in reality, many manufacturers have issues combining these features with the comfort and posture support we’ve already mentioned – all within a product that’s durable and will last through natural wear and tear.

This is the best way to describe all our new office furniture at New Life Office, where we know how vital these aesthetics can be for your business. Speak with one of our friendly service experts today to learn more.

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