Common Furniture-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Common Furniture-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

At New Life Office, our goal is to get you and your team stocked with all the proper workplace furniture, office desks and amenities. We aim to keep you and your office comfortable and productive, with modern furniture solutions. 

We can point you and your employees in all the right directions, but one thing we’ve learned after years of providing our services? Knowing which of the wrong directions to avoid can be just as important for your next big office furniture buy. Here are a few tips for common furniture purchasing mistakes to avoid. 

Improper Planning/Budgeting

If you’re in charge of stocking or re-stocking an entire office with furniture, this is no small task you’ll complete with a basic mental checklist and nothing else. There are several major considerations, from the layout of the office to practical workflow items. You need to balance the precise needs of employees with spatial, logistical and stylistic concerns. 

Another big factor in the mix here is budgeting, which will get rough in a hurry if you don’t plan properly. Getting to the end of your budget before all the necessary items have been purchased is a worst-case scenario. Remember factors like taxes, shipping and potential installation services when you’re factoring for your final budget totals.


The specific materials you use is important, especially if your workplace has any specific tasks or projects that take place within it. If you’re a company that may use a heavy soldering iron, for instance, it’d be a mistake to install a plastic table in that area. 

No Testing

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing furniture without a test run, even if it’s just a brief examination. Assuming here is a great way to get less value for your dollar, and to potentially leave employees with less functionality than they require for maximum productivity. 

Price Over Value

A good deal is always desirable, and we offer plenty at New Life Office, but don’t be so obsessed with price that you ignore functionality and other vital factors. In reality, buying cheap office furniture products will likely lose you money in the long run – you’ll be forced to replace them in a much shorter amount of time, instead of spending a bit more up front but going exponentially longer without having to spring for replacements. 

Interested in learning more about purchasing tips, or want to find out about any of our new or used office furniture products? Speak to the experts at New Life Office today.

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