Attracting Younger Applicants Through Smart Office Design

Attracting Younger Applicants Through Smart Office Design

If you’re among the growing number of savvy business owners out there, you’ve realized that one factor in drawing talented employees to your company is appealing to the younger generation. Millennials are taking up a greater and greater percentage of the workforce every year, and ensuring your workplace is attractive to this generation is very important.

At New Life Office, we’re here to help in one area that can have a profound effect on this age range: Office design and the furniture elements directly related to their comfort and productivity. Millennials aren’t children who just want shiny things to keep them distracted – here are some of the facts behind their presence in the workplace, plus some areas you should consider to attract younger applicants for your positions.

The Numbers

The results of several studies, including this one, have revealed startling numbers about millennials in the workplace:

  • Over one third of the current American workforce is made up of millennials.
  • 80 percent of these millennials say they seriously consider work-life balance for a job, while only 62 percent of older workers agree.
  • 90 percent of millennials want to grow their careers with their current companies.
  • A far higher percentage of millennials say they intend to stay at the same company for 15 years than older workers.

Taken together, these factors signal the vital importance of attracting and retaining millennials as part of your team. Our upcoming sections will look at some themes for doing so within the office furniture realm.

Light Considerations

Light is directly tied to everything from happiness to productivity in the workspace, and you should be prioritizing it from both a manufactured and natural standpoint. Consider the ways items like lamps and overhead lights will impact desk lighting and spacing, plus how you can infuse natural light from various windows or other openings. The last thing you want is a space that’s too dark and doesn’t encourage creativity or energy.

Movement and Adjustable Features

Ergonomics are becoming a big part of the workplace, particularly for younger generations. Consider chairs and desks that are designed with adjustable features included, such as sit-and-stand desks for instance. This kind of variation is important for both comfort and productivity within the workplace.

Versatile Workspace

One surefire way to limit productivity is to design a bland office that’s the same everywhere you look. Younger generations prefer a varied office space that helps them change things up mentally from time to time – consider dedicated brainstorming or teamwork rooms, or break rooms with some added color and comfort that show employees you’re thinking of them. On top of breaking up the monotony, this will set a positive culture in the office.

For more on how furniture can impact your ability to draw a younger workforce, or to learn about any of our office furniture offerings, speak to the pros at New Life Office today.

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