Tips for Optimal Lobby Design

Tips for Optimal Lobby Design

If your business has a lobby, don’t underestimate how important this area is. This is the first introduction clients get to your atmosphere, and their impression can go a long way to determining how they feel about your business.

At New Life Office, our office furniture selection includes numerous lobby seating options. Everything from basic chairs to larger sofas for the office lobby are available, in whatever style suits your business. Let’s look at a few general tips for lobby design.

Durable Materials

Because of the number of people who will use them over time, you need to make sure you have durable materials, especially for seating. Chairs will become worn down quickly if they don’t have the proper durability built in – luckily, this isn’t a concern at New Life Office, where our products are all made to last decades.


It should go without saying, but a clean and tidy lobby gives the impression of an organized office. What would you think if you walked in for an important consultation with a potential new business, and found a noticeably dirty lobby? You wouldn’t be impressed, and you’d immediately question the quality of the business.

Make sure to take special care, and try to look at things from an outsider’s angle – we can get used to seeing the same thing over and over again every day, and may not notice something like a stain in the carpet.

Décor and Activities

Every piece of décor in the lobby matters, from the chairs and sofas to wall artwork and color scheme. If these aren’t your strong suits, consider hiring a decorator. Items like plants or fish tanks are common in business lobbies, and you also need to consider the way lighting impacts the atmosphere.

In addition, make sure there are a few pass-the-time activities available to clients. Magazines are the most common idea here, but in these modern times, there are other options available as well to keep people amused while they wait.

Sound Considerations

When designing your office lobby, take special care to ensure that lobby patrons won’t be able to overhear any private or confidential conversations taking place behind the reception window.

Interested in more tips on lobby design, or want to find out more about any of our new or used office furniture services? We’re standing by to assist you at New Life Office.

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