Themes to Consider While Designing a Smaller Office Space

Themes to Consider While Designing a Smaller Office Space

While all business owners likely wish they had a gigantic, spacious office with a perfect view, the reality isn’t quite so pristine. Many offices are smaller spaces, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take some important steps toward designing them intelligently and in ways that are inviting and comfortable for both employees and potential clients.

At New Life Office, we’re here to help. We stock a wide variety of office furniture options, from office desks to office chairs, cabinets, cubicles and many others. Let’s go over some of the themes we might recommend to you if you’re looking to design a smaller office space in smart, aesthetically pleasing and productive ways.


Minimalists are certainly onto something, particularly within smaller spaces where you simply can’t fit too many items or design themes. Look for ways to limit clutter throughout your office space – ensure that every item in the office has a distinct purpose, whether practical or aesthetic, and is not there for no reason.

In addition, consider leaving certain acceptable spaces open to add a special piece later on. By reducing the amount of noise and crowding in the area, you’ll often be able to make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Mobile Items

Wherever possible, look for ways to make furniture in your office mobile so it doesn’t have to only remain in one place. Think of an adjustable height desk, for instance – this can be a workspace for an employee for part of the day, but then convert to a miniature conference table as needed.

Another great choice here is the rolling office chair, or even a mobile filing cabinet that makes for easy and simple storage. Combining practical needs with the space available is a great way to keep things fresh and leave the space open.

Desk “Neighborhoods”

One theme many smaller offices look to is the desk “neighborhood,” which refers to grouping a section of desks together in a single area. This is particularly useful if you have employees in a given department who all work together regularly – placing their desks in a neighborhood allows you to conserve other space for additional needs while also encouraging collaboration between them.

Natural Themes

Finally, another major theme to touch on for a smaller office space is the use of natural elements, primarily plant life. Plants like flowers or other small pots are great for both ambiance and legitimate health benefits.

In addition, strongly consider the use of natural light. This means utilizing windows, but also using art or other mounted accents on the walls to limit any blandness present. You might be shocked at just how much bigger your space will feel if you make use of this basic theme.

For more on how to design a smaller office effectively, or to learn about any of our office furniture solutions, speak to the staff at New Life Office today.

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