How to Design the Perfect Home Office

How to Design the Perfect Home Office

In this day and age, more and more people are working from home. The rise of the internet and advances in communication have made this more and more possible within various spheres of business, and working from home is a great way to mix up the monotony of the week.

People who do this often need the proper office arrangements, and we’re here to help at New Life Office. We have everything from beautiful office chairs to file cabinets and storage – all you need for the perfect office away from the office. The next step, though, is creating a design that keeps you both comfortable and productive. Here are a few tips from us.


Staying comfortable is the top priority in the home office, and this starts with having enough space. Make sure you’re in a room the right size – don’t try to squeeze yourself into smaller rooms just because they’re available. If you have children, look for a lower-traffic area of the house if possible, where distractions won’t be easily possible.

Ambiance and Light

Ambiance can include a variety of factors, from the background images behind your computer or desk to the color of your walls and any decorative items in the room. Look for a color scheme that soothes you, as well as a furniture layout that won’t get in your way and will keep you comfortable.

Making sure there’s enough light is also very important, as poor light can lead to headaches and reduced productivity. If you do keep a computer in the office, place it in a way that won’t make glare on your eyes a concern. Make sure light fixtures are easy to reach and don’t cause any inconvenience.

Placement of Technology

The computer isn’t the only technology you may have in the office – you might need a printer, an internet modem, a phone or several other items. If these items have cords, organize them in advance so they aren’t in your way and can’t be accidentally unplugged at an inopportune moment. If you’re worried about shocks, use surge protectors and encase cords in a covering tape in areas where they’re exposed.

Comfort Items

The chair is the most important comfort-related piece of office furniture you’ll have to buy. You’ll spend hours in your chair, and any discomfort it causes you could lower productivity. Your desk is also important for many simple processes during daily work, so make sure it’s something you’re fully comfortable with.

Want to learn more about a home office, or any of our new or refurbished office furniture? Speak to the experts at New Life Office today for more information.

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