How Furniture Promotes Positive Workplace Culture

How Furniture Promotes Positive Workplace Culture

Employee productivity is the name of the game in most places of business, and most managers know the typical tactics for motivation. In recent years and decades, modern consciousness has begun to recognize how vital certain subconscious factors can be in this realm. 

Key among these factors? Office layout. As business professionals have realized the huge effect space and aesthetics can have on productivity, services like ours at New Life Office have become more and more popular. With an unmatched selection of new and used office furniture, we can get you set up to maximize you and your team’s efficiency. Let’s look at how the right furniture and atmosphere can promote a positive workplace culture.


A well-organized and modern office will present both openness among employees and the availability to find privacy when needed. Attaining this balance is important as a business manager, and it will depend on the specifics of your space. Our custom office cubicles and workstations come in a variety of styles – some with traditional walls and barriers for privacy, others meant to promote communication, and hybrid versions which can service both goals. The right culture will foster both these formats when appropriate, and will allow both without any functional inconvenience. 

Cultural Tone

There’s major research supporting the idea that employees respond best to employers who show that they care about their workers, both consciously and subconsciously. Sometimes this is buying lunch for the whole team, but in a broader sense, a seating plan and furniture that promotes these feelings can go a long way. 

Employees are often that tiny bit more productive when they each get their own office chair, for instance, or when they are allowed input on their own workspace design. This kind of ownership may seem like a small deal, but it promotes loyalty and team connectivity. 

Sound and Light

The right office layout will appeal to these above concerns, but will also take great heed of light and sound concerns. A well-lit workspace makes employees feel more at home, plus is healthier for the eyes.

From a sound standpoint, a smart office design can help eliminate bits of overlap which might damage productivity. Utilizing cubicles and walls to create private areas with less noise is a breeze with the right furniture selection. 

Want to learn more about our wide selection of new and used office furniture, and how it can benefit you and your employees? Speak to one of the customer service professionals at New Life Office today.

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