For any business, large or small, the conference room can be one of the most important areas. It’s the home base for big meetings, whether with clients or employees, and as typically the largest items in these rooms, conference tables set the tone.

At New Life Office, we have numerous size and material options for your next conference table. Here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind when making this kind of purchase.


You can tell a lot about a company by the style and tone of their furniture, and this is the case for conference tables. A lawyer’s office will often have darker wood tones like walnut or cherry, where a tech company with high-energy employees might prefer a lighter table with a maple or light oak finish. The name of the game here is matching the table to the culture of your company. Our design experts can help you here if you’re drawing blanks.


Ever been in a tiny, cramped conference room crowded around a table that didn’t really fit? It’s not comfortable, is it? Tables that are too big for the room and lead to overcrowding are a common mistake – the table should allow for a good number of people, but not take up too much space. A good rule of thumb is to leave a wide path completely around the table – you should be able to pull a chair out and get in or out of that space without disturbing the person next to you.


Conference tables have different applications, but one of the primary ones is communication. Some tables have a clear leadership chair at the head of the table, where others might be rounder or lend themselves to more of a group format. The shape also has to suit the room, of course, but keep office dynamics in mind here as well.


You may have enough room for 20 people at the table, but this might not be optimal. Too many people too closely together can create friction and distractions – it’s best to leave a space between chairs for personal space.

Want to learn more about the ergonomics of office chairs, or interested in finding out more about any of our new office furniture? Speak to the experts at New Life Office today.

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