Our founder, Alan Fox, graduated from college with a degree in Interior Architecture. Before New Life Office, he worked for 13 years in various design positions with architectural firms, serving as design director of local Steelcase Dealership from 1984 to 1991. While working for a major office furniture dealership, he repeatedly heard complaints from customers about the high costs of office furniture. In 1991 he started New Life Office. We bought used office workstations of high quality at pennies on the dollar and then refurbished them and sold them for a big discount to buying new. The business quickly profitable has been growing ever since. As a result, New Life Office has been able to furnish the offices for thousands of customers for a fraction of what they’d spend with our competitors. We have mastered the art of refurbishing. Our finished product is virtually impossible to tell apart from new.

Our business has evolved over the years, and while we do maintain our place as the leading re-manufacturer of cubicles, New Life Office has expanded our products to include new office furniture; such as case-goods, seating, conference tables, benching stations and custom office furniture. Our new furniture now comprises over 60% of our business. Our customers range in size from major fortune 500 companies including Birkshire Hathawg Real Estate, Zions Bank and Hilton Hotels, to start ups, small business and even the home office. In order to offer the best quality and value to our customers our business plan bypasses the distributor. Our product line is a mix of items we manufacture locally at our 10,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Salt Lake as well as items that our designers travel the world to hand select. We work directly with factories around the world who we partner with to produce some of our product.

Not only have we expanded our product line considerably, but we expanded our reach when we opened showrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada and Boise, Idaho in 2002. This expansion helped us to provide our services to the entire western region of the country. We take great pride in our 26 years of success and we’re committed to continuing to be the premier provider in office furniture.

Beginning with New Life’s first employee, hired 25 years ago, it has been our philosophy to hire people who are honest, hardworking and team players who are passionate about what they do. All of our employees are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect regardless of their level or position. We believe that people mirror the treatment they receive. This philosophy cannot succeed and thrive quickly. It may take years to field a winning team, but the result of the effort is a team of people that are loyal, dedicated and motivated to do their job. It is important to them to provide superior products and customer satisfaction.