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Eiffel Chair - Set of 4
Eiffel Chair - Set of 4


Find comfortable and ergonomic guest chairs from our current catalog. Click on an item to learn about its features, specifications, and pricing. Find the list of contact details of our Boise, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas locations on this page.

Comfort in Hospitality

A customer’s overall experience is shaped at each point of contact they have with your business. Visiting clients need to feel comfortable and secure at every moment within your establishment. One of the most significant factors in fostering that sort of environment is the type of guest chairs your business chooses. New Life Office brings its finest selection of guest chairs to you. 

Built for maximum comfort, strength, and adaptability for various body types, New Life Office guest chairs reflects a business that spares no expense. Trust our rigorous manufacturing process to bring you only the most comfortable and welcoming guest chairs that every customer deserves.

Founded on Trust 

Many businesses in the Las Vegas, Boise, and Salt Lake City areas are already aware of New Life Office’s commitment to high-end sourcing, recycling, and manufacturing processes that allow us to never sacrifice value and sustainability. After more than 25 years in service, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients through our reliable business practices. Quality guest chairs can mean a lot to a company’s guests, so we see to it that every unit we ship brings comfort and value to your clients.

Browse through our range of products today. Visit our showrooms or talk to our design professionals for quality guest chairs for your business.