Understanding and Promoting the Resimercial Office Design

Understanding and Promoting the Resimercial Office Design

As a greater number of workplaces and their management groups are becoming more sensitive to employee comfort and happiness as factors in productivity and other positive outcomes, a variety of different themes have emerged in terms of office design and related areas. One such theme is known as “resimercial” design, or a combining of both residential and commercial themes within a workplace setting.

At New Life Office, we offer a variety of office furniture items to help business owners and managers achieve any design style they’re interested in. From our office file cabinets and tables to desks, office workstations and numerous other choices, we’ll help you design an office that maximizes productivity and any other themes you want to prioritize. Let’s go over resimercial design, plus some of the concepts it hits at and how you might be able to promote them within your office space. 

Defining Resimercial Design

As we noted above, resimercial design is a combination of residential and commercial themes within the workplace. Most of us feel most comfortable in our home environment, and bringing elements of that environment into the office help employees feel more comfortable, creative and free.

It’s important to note, however, that simply placing a few residential furniture items in your office does not qualify as taking part in a resimercial design transition. Rather, this is about a careful process of improving office comfort and productivity by helping the space feel less like an office, and more like a collaborative, comfortable setting. Relaxation and creativity are highly promoted themes within the resimercial design format.

Dopamine Levels

Dopamine is a chemical released by the human brain, one associated with satisfaction and positive feelings. It’s also a major player in creativity and mental stimulation, and one that the resimercial theme can help promote in employees.

In particular, offices that are able to add small gym or exercise areas promote natural production of dopamine. If this is not possible, weekly classes like yoga or meditation sessions can have similar impacts. Even stocking office kitchens with foods like bananas, avocados and almonds – all of which promote dopamine production in the body – can go a long way. These are all also elements that will increase comfort and a homely feeling.

Relaxation Concepts

The human brain is often at its most creative when it’s relaxed, and the resimercial theme is all about relaxation. There are numerous ways to outfit an office with soothing, relaxing themes and items, from plant life and garden elements to relaxation areas and similar spaces.


It may seem counterintuitive, but occasional distraction from work allows employees’ brains a break from fixation on their work that can cause tunnel vision. This often stimulates creativity in ways that benefit both individuals and the company as a whole. This means allowing for breaks – which take place in well-crafted break rooms or relaxation areas – is vital from a management standpoint, as is promoting collaborative spaces for when employees need a bit of a change-up from a given task or project.

For more on the resimercial office design, or to learn about any of our office furniture products, speak to the staff at New Life Office today.

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